Panther Pitch Competition


Sponsor Showcase

The Panther Pitch and Sponsor Showcase is designed as a ‘warm-up’ event on Wednesday, October 2, for competitors and sponsors of the Panther Sales Tournament.



Required to participate in one of the two available time blocks:

-Block 1: 4:00-5:30PM (Competitors must check-in by 3:45PM)

-Block 2: 6:00-7:30PM (Competitors must check-in by 5:45PM)



Bring your tabling materials (back drops, banners, tablecloths, swag, job announcements, etc.). Please report to the CBC Lobby no later than 3:30PM to receive their table assignment and to set-up. Volunteers will be available to assist you. If you have materials to drop off before parking, please contact or call 305.348.0694.


The time block is divided into two parts:

PANTHER PITCH: 1 hour of 1 minute-second elevator pitches plus a 3 minute feedback session with approximately 10 company representatives.

Each representative will evaluate the 3-minute interaction. Score sheets will be collected and scored and the Competitors with the top three scores will be awarded on Friday, October 4.


SPONSOR SHOWCASE & NETWORKING: 45 minutes of open networking and exploration with over 25 different PST sponsor companies. The company will have an opportunity to showcase their opportunities and industries. Think of this as a mini-career fair.


The 1 minute Panther Pitch

An elevator pitch is a clear, brief message or “commercial” about the Competitor. It communicates who the student is, what the student looking for and how the student can add value to a company or organization. It’s typically about one minute which is the time it takes people to ride from the top to the bottom of a building in an elevator.

During this event, Competitors will use a pitch to introduce themselves to companies representing a variety of industries. This elevator pitch should be no longer than 1 minute.


PST Sponsor Role During the Panther Pitch

  • For the first minute, allow the Competitor to present their elevator pitch. DO NOT SPEAK.

  • For the next 3 minutes, provide encouraging words and highlight what you thought the Competitor did well during the elevator pitch.

  • Provide feedback and suggestions on how the Competitor could improve his or her delivery and content for an elevator pitch. Use the following criteria as a checklist:


  • Professional appearance and presentation

  • Attitude and genuine enthusiasm

  • Eye contact and appropriate body movements

  • Creatively connected and gained attention


  • Well-thought out and prepared

  • Relevant illustrations and examples of competencies and skills

  • Accomplishments with solid results


  • Made a call to action & established a next step


Panther Pitch Sponsor Evaluation

Each sponsor representative will complete a Score Sheet on each Competitor. Sponsor representatives will rate each Competitor on each question below, on a scale from 1 to 10:

  1. How effective was the delivery of the elevator pitch?

  2. How effective was the content of the elevator pitch?

  3. How willing are you to connect with this Competitor in the future?

  4. How likely are you to recommend this Competitor to one of your colleagues?

  5. How likely are you to hire this Competitor at your company?


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